Small Android and iOS Tips

Can’t access your favorite music streaming services? VPN it!

Access Spotify via VPN
People never leave their homes without phone. Whether it’s Android or iOS device, it’s the thing that is always with us ready to serve us for any purpose: from calculations, messaging and taking pictures to watching movies and listening to music. Although, there are many ways to listen music on your device, accessibility of some music services is questionable depending on your country. For example, famous streaming service “Pandora” was operating only in three countries: USA, Australia and New Zealand. On July 31th, 2017 Pandora service has been discounted in New Zealand and Australia which left a lot of frustration among regular Pandora listeners. Another example – the best music streaming service “Spotify” which is working in more countries rather than previous service but still doesn’t cover enough countries. But, what’s great is that no matter where you at right now, you can always access to both Pandora, Spotify and even more service through VPN usage.

Feeling deep connection with music? But can you follow the rhythm?

Play Best Rhythm Games on Android Phone
For people who has some really deep relationships with music and can’t live through day without daily playlist, there are many ways to go even deeper. Rhythm games might be not so popular among majority of mobile devices users, but if you’re willing to try to follow the rhythm while playing fun game – you have to check them out. We have selected the most popular rhythm games for Android based on in-game soundtracks, gameplay, story lines and overall feeling of immersion and connection with music and rhythm.