Best Rhythm Games of all Time for Android

We can all agree that music has become an essential part of human lives. Music helps people soothe their nerves or even sit back and relax. We all understand that there exists a group of music that remains undiscovered irrespective of how outstanding the music could seem to be. Therefore, I have established the impression of sharing the desired games to confidently enable you to learn boundless music in a charming way. The best android games provide a wide variety of music that you would most unlikely to have come across them. Therefore, you should give them a try.

#5-Lost in Harmony

Lost In Harmony

Price: the rhythm game is free for the first time

Developer: Digixart Entertainment

Rhythm games seem to have a method of refreshing such as the stale genres since the music interacts with gameplay instead of being passive in the background to include a new element for the impression. The game was developed by Digixart Entertainment and became one of the most successful and affordable. It appeared to obtain a little frustrating with some mechanics, but the core concept and particularly execution was definitely noteworthy. The game is worth trying because of the incredible artwork associated with it.

Lost in harmony has a soundtrack which is considered an important aspect of any rhythm game. 12 of the 13 levels depending on the list for the traditional and classical music rarely joined with modern composers. The track does a superb task of thumping the precise notes and takes place at the right moments. The game tells an emotional story that affects Kaito and a friend Aya coupled with a resilient level of editing. It contains almost everything that a person would require but only misses a search interface with the capacity to rate levels.



Price: The price of Lanota is $1.99

Developer: Noxy Games    

Notably, some of the most radical efforts in the game to disgust it from the crowd have become a distraction. It was developed by Noxy Games who managed to craft a beautiful and immersive world that involves just tapping to a song to make it a fully-fledged adventure. The game chose to scrap the concept and get a full circle instead of using a real rhythm where notes used to fall from the top towards the bottom of the screen.

It can more precisely represent the song with 360 degrees on the playing field. It makes the user have a sense of control of the guitar solos, rousing snare, and stylish piano slides that are likely to occur in the eclectic song of choice. The game emphasizes its specific actions including the ability to swipe either backward or forwards which have a notable impact on the circle arena. It tries to include a story as a virtual rarity for rhythm game titles focusing on the setlist and does not attempt to deviate from it.



Price: The price is $1.99 whereas the additional pack of songs is $3.99

Developer: Rayark International Limited

It is among the games that offer scraps of the story in between the bouts of the tempo that matches the finger tapping (Fahey, 2013). Ideally, the evocative Deemo was developed by Rayark International Limited. It has piano-driven bands which are more than just an area to score the points. Every tune demonstrates a small facet of the game story which represents a shadowy creature who sits unaided in the castle while playing the piano. The game is lonely as the first songs are decidedly down, ethereal, and wispy.

It tells of a strange young lady falling from the sky into the earth, and instantaneously the song starts to brighten. It offers the adventurous spirit directing her to the strange area. The happiness improves with the blossoming association of the pair. There seems to be darkness at the end of the tunnel as every team the music is played, the tree getting to heavens and the new freedom friend gets taller (Fahey, 2013). The friend does not want the girl to go, and later the song becomes darker and tense.



Price: integrated with the $18.9 price tag for the Switch version

Developer: Rayark Inc.

It is among the best games for years although it is an actual unexpected treasure hence overlooked to some extent. The latter is attributed to its other life as a free to play a game which does not trigger confidence when integrated with the $18.9 price tag for the Switch version. However, the price point could never be absurd as it appears to be because it is almost a bargain. It was developed by Rayark Inc. The initial outlay on switch gets a complete hundred and a song roster whereas on mobile you only need to pay for every music separately.

The game needs an internet connection with the entire songs requiring a stream for the device. Everything is contained locally on switch meaning that the portable play will not be scuppered with a signal of waning data. It utilizes a conventional template as the basis of the rhythm action. For instance, a song is played, and forms fly down the screen resembling the intricacies for the music where the user is anticipated to hit them when they arrive at the bar located at the bottom (Wales, 2017). The game is concerned in using visual trickery and hypnotic mechanical to pull user at the center of the songs.

#1-Cystus Series

Price: price for Cystus II is $1.39

Developer: Rayark International

The current purchase price for Cystus II is $1.39 for the base game only thirty percent off the normal price. However, the price was expected to last for the first week only. It is the most current and top game developed by Rayark International and immediately arrived in the market after it was listed for pre-registration in the play store. Notably, a user pays $1.99 upfront especially when it is not on sale and later has the choice to add music to it through some in-app purchases going for $9.99 per piece (Sholtz, 2018). The base game incorporates thirty varying musical tracks which favor players who do not want to spend cash on IAPs.

Users have the choice to add other tracks especially those who want to grow the music library. The user has nearly a hundred and eighty varying charts at disposal that varies from simple and hard to top off the broad assortment for music. It means that the songs played contain varying levels of the struggle that could be discovered. The skill level does not matter since there is something for anyone. There is a lot to be loved concerning the Cytus series. For instance, the rhythm-based gameplay remains enjoyable while the monetization is rather fair. The soundtracks remain accessible.


It is evident that music has emerged as a powerful component within human lives. There is plenty of music in play store but appears difficult to find the games worth individual time. There is plenty of music that remains unexplored regardless of the way they may seem to be exceptional. Rayark Inc. is a remarkable mobile app developer and has done a great job through creating games that have dominated the market for years as demonstrated in the top five rhythm games for android application. Most fans like the Cytus series with a forthcoming game known as Cytus-Omega. In a nutshell, fans should look forward to majestic games with extremely worthy songs.

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