Common Mistakes when Starting a Tech Business

The success of any business is founded on the effectiveness of the decisions implemented during startup. This stage requires clarity and absolution of every activity to ensure that the business takes off smoothly to allow for progressive growth. Despite that there does not exist a perfect plan to ensure business success, there are some mistakes … [Read more…]

How to Pick a Right Phone

As technology advances, human dependence on technology increases. This case is real for the cell phone technology. Mobile phones have taken over all human life aspects from social life to business operations. Advancement of technology has also groomed consumers to demand higher functionality standards in phones. As a result, the mobile phone industry has experienced … [Read more…]

Best Rhythm Games of all Time for Android

We can all agree that music has become an essential part of human lives. Music helps people soothe their nerves or even sit back and relax. We all understand that there exists a group of music that remains undiscovered irrespective of how outstanding the music could seem to be. Therefore, I have established the impression … [Read more…]