How to Pick a Right Phone

As technology advances, human dependence on technology increases. This case is real for the cell phone technology. Mobile phones have taken over all human life aspects from social life to business operations. Advancement of technology has also groomed consumers to demand higher functionality standards in phones. As a result, the mobile phone industry has experienced a rapid transformation that includes not only the introduction of new phone designs but also the improvement of the older models to conform to the changing needs of the customers.

Some of the most significant innovations in this industry include wireless charging and touchscreen. Before buying a phone, consumers usually assess whether or not the phone will meet their needs. This assessment and the subsequent selection of a phone to purchase have been made difficult due to the existence of many phone designs, platforms, and other parameters used to measure functionality thereby making the differences hard to notice. This article helps you navigate successfully through this difficult step so that you end up with a phone that falls within your budget and meets your needs.

Figuring out Your Needs

When you set out to buy a phone, it is not merely because you have money to spend. There is always an intended use to which you will put the phone. The first step in picking the right phone, therefore, begins with you figuring out the purpose for which you are purchasing the phone. Different individuals buy phones for various purposes including simple communication, taking pictures and recording videos, playing games, or surfing the net. Knowing the purpose for which you intend to use the phone will help you in deciding what features will be the most important to you.

Determining Your Budget

Price range is important

The financial discipline which is a virtue in nearly all societies requires that you budget wisely for your money. This entails deciding what proportion of your money you want to spend on particular items and staying committed to this budget. Now that you want to purchase a phone, it is necessary to determine the amount you are willing to spend on buying one.

The prices of phones vary depending on the functionality standard of the phone. The prices in the phone market today range from tens to hundreds of dollars. Determining your budget will help you narrow down your search for the right phone because you will only focus on those for which your budget is sufficient. It also saves you from running into debts because you underestimated the price of phones. Set up a budget that is reasonably within your means.

Figure out What Apps You are Going to Use

With your intended use of the phone figured out and the budget determined, you now need to figure out what apps will be most suitable for you. With technology fast advancing and the field of mobile apps development expanding, there is a wide range of apps for every use you would want to put your phone into. The choice of an app should be based on its compatibility with the phone’s platform, affordability and phone capacity requirements.

Some of the apps that are popular amongst smartphone users like Microsoft office or Google maps are supported across all the phone operating systems and are available on app store. However, you need a data plan to access them. However, some apps like iMessage are restricted to particular platforms. You should, therefore, determine the compatibility of the apps you will be using with the various platforms.

Choosing a Platform

Apple vs Android

Just like computers, smartphones require an operating system to function. Selecting the right phone should thus entail the selection of the most appropriate platform.  Some of the most common smartphone platforms include windows, android, and iOS.

The windows platform though less common provides users with high-end software for the camera on some smartphone models. It also integrates easily with Microsoft products. The Android platform is less costly, can be customized easily, and integrates well with Google services. Android phones are the most common in the market. The iOS, associated with Apple products is secure and easy to use.

Technical Side of Picking a Smartphone

Choosing the right phone should also entail a detailed examination of the phones technical aspects. Some of the most common technical elements you should focus on include the following

  1. RAM;
  2. Storage space;
  3. Battery life;
  4. Camera;
  5. Screen parameters such as brightness and resolution.

The higher the RAM of a phone, the better the phone performs. You should, therefore, focus on picking the highest RAM possible that falls within your budget.

The storage capacity is another important technical measure of performance. Choose a phone whose storage is sufficient enough to store your apps and files. If possible, get a phone with an external memory slot.

Another parameter of importance is the battery life which is determined by the mAH rating. The larger the mAH rating of the battery, the longer it stores charge.

The smartphone camera quality is another parameter to consider in choosing the right phone. The quality of videos and photos captured using a phone depends on the megapixels. For more information on the right pixels, you can google pixel. In the least, the camera should be portrait mode enabled.

Also consider the screen parameters like resolution, brightness, and size. Even though a bigger screen size gives a comprehensive view, smaller screens from 5 inches downwards are more compact and allow for easy use of the phone even with one hand. If you prefer larger screens, the look for phones with phone carriers.

Also, consider the privacy of the content on your phone. Whereas the majority of smartphones use screen unlock patterns, newer phones have added a fingerprint sensor. This feature gives you more secrecy since only fingerprints that have been installed in the system can unlock the phone. If you intend to play music on your phone, you should also consider the compatibility of the headphone jack with your sound system’s plug.


Choosing a design

Whereas it is mostly a subjective matter, you should select the make that that attracts you most. It is however not as significant as performance. If quality and aesthetics are your concerns, then choose glass or metal design. If durability is your concern, then take water resistance and resilience of the glass display into consideration.


Choosing the right smartphone has been made difficult by the emergence of many smartphone designs and a wide range of parameters of phone functionality. Phone companies compete to satisfy the changing customer definition of functionality standards. As a result, different phone brands with various features have emerged. Consumers have used these features as measures of functionality standard.

Since the elements are many, buying a smartphone has become increasingly difficult. However, with the steps detailed in this guide, you can quickly select amongst the many brands and pick the right phone that meets your needs and falls within the confines of your budget.

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